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Why is this topic so important for the church?

Many people ask why we worship the way we do. This book explains the Christian tradition and components of worship and explores the link between the Lenten journey and the repercussions of the cross. This book bids you to discover in cross-formed worship what it means to be a disciple of the Christ we confess is not only risen but was crucified.

Can this be used as a small-group study?

Whether you are reading this book as part of a group or as an individual discipline, set aside a time each day when you can prayerfully open yourself to the highlighted scripture, read and reflect on the ensuing reading, and use the closing prayer or spiritual exercise. This 6-week study incorporates scripture and reflections that directly address Good Friday and the cross. Each reading closes with a suggestion for reflection. The book includes a Leader’s Guide for small-group study from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. Among the ideas is the suggestion to create a weekly Worship Center to emphasize each week’s theme. This book is not intended to be read through in one sitting. Setting a discipline of one reading per day provides an opportunity for deeper engagement with the material and its connection with
your own journey through Lent.

“John Indermark’s masterful blend of thought-provoking readings and questions has created an outstanding daily devotional with ample opportunities for group discussion. Packed full of wisdom and insight, his engaging storytelling both invites and challenges us to reflect on the ways the cross impacts our worship and discipleship.”

—Sharon Harding, writer and educator

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Worship in Light of the Cross eCourse

Many of the world's great cathedrals are built in the shape of the cross. When people enter to worship, they literally enter into the cross. Whenever we gather as a community of faith, we remember Jesus' death and resurrection and learn how to follow Jesus, even on the road to the cross.

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John Indermark

John Indermark is a freelance writer, a retired minister in the United Church of Christ and a graduate of Eden Theological Seminary. John has authored a number of spiritual formation books published by Upper Room Books, and three books published by Abingdon Press.

John retired from parish ministry, where he served full-time pastorates and later part-time transitional ministries in various Presbyterian and Lutheran congregations in Washington, northwest Oregon, and in Hilo, Hawaii.

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